Conservation Biology of Vascular Plants_call for manuscripts

Dear Colleague,

I recently accepted an invitation to serve as the Guest Editor for a Special Issue of the journal Diversity on the subject of “Conservation Biology of Vascular Plants”. I am writing to draw this issue to the attention of yourself and other potential contributors, in case you would like to submit a manuscript for inclusion.

Vascular plants, i.e. plants with a vascular system containing xylem and phloem, with nearly 400,000 species and subspecies currently  known, provide crucial primary production and vital socioeconomic and environmental services (e.g., soil and water conservation). However, the diversity of vascular plants is very unevenly distributed and subjected to many threats across the globe. Habitat loss, direct exploitation, indirect human influence through changing local ecological interactions (e.g., invasion of non-native plants), natural disasters, pollution, and intrinsic factors (e.g., unfavorable species traits) have been listed among the main threats for plant  conservation.

Therefore, one of the most critical issues on the global  agenda is the need to preserve native plant biodiversity for future  generations.

This Special Issue will focus on interdisciplinary new research and significant advances in conservation biology of vascular plants. 

Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts on the following topics:

- Diversity and distribution of rare vascular plants;

- Human influence (e.g., land use change, pollution, invasion of alien species, fire, tourism) on vascular plant conservation;

- Natural disaster influence (e.g., volcanic eruptions, tsunamis) on vascular plant conservation;

- In situ and ex situ conservation actions to vascular plants, including reintroduction and restocking actions;

- In vitro propagation (e.g., seed germination, micropropagation) experiences for vascular plants;

- Early warning and modeling of threats to vascular plants;

- Conservation policies (e.g., communication, education, and public awareness programmes) to conserve vascular plants.

Diversity (ISSN 1424-2818, Impact Factor 2.047) is a fully open access journal, unlimited and free access by readers, which increases publicity and promotes more frequent citations, as indicated by  several studies.

If you would like to submit an article please let me know in case I  can offer advice or comment. In particular if you were considering a  review article please advise your proposed topic area so that we can  avoid more than one author covering the same material.

For more information about the Special Issue, please see the attached flyer and the following website:

For information on manuscript preparation and related matters, please see the instructions for authors:

The deadline for submission of manuscripts to the Special Issue is 31 August 2020.

With best wishes,

Dr. Adriano Stinca

Guest Editor